Naval Academy cyber operations awarded NSA designation

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Originally Posted via : Capital Gazette

The Naval Academy is now one of 22 educational institutions to be granted a Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Operations by the National Security Agency.

The academy’s cyber operations program is the only one to receive the designation in 2020, according to a release from the academy.

The designation, which was awarded over the summer but celebrated in November, meant the academy had to meet several “knowledge points” to demonstrate that it met NSA standards, said Capt. James Caroland, chair of the Cyber Science Department.

Essentially, the NSA is looking for programs that will support their efforts, and the designation says that the academy program will do that, said Paul Tortora, director of the academy’s Center for Cyber Security Studies. For the midshipmen who graduate from the program, it says that they would be a good person to hire at NSA, whether it is while they are serving in the military or after they have finished their service requirement.

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