12/28/20 - 12/30/20

DAY 19

Monday 12/28

Reengage with your professional coach to discuss what you have learned, how things are going and what you are looking forward to. Talk about the challenges you have faced and the interesting scenarios you have experienced. 

This is a great time to level set your thinking and decision making skills. Get some input on how to improve your professional and personal skills that will help you succeed as you prepare to enter the workforce.


This will be a comprehensive learning and live exercise experience with one of the key techniques used by industry to validate cyber resilience and compliance, penetration testing.

You will learn about the techniques and then actually review the results of various penetration testing campaigns run against target networks and assets.

Penetration testing is the process of identifying security gaps in your IT infrastructure by mimicking an attacker. Think about it as quality assurance for your IT security.

You will be able to :

  1. Learn the key steps to performing a comprehensive security assessment
  2. See why penetration tests are so key to improving your overall security posture
  3. Discover How to conduct an internal or external penetration test — safely
  4. Learn Important considerations when hiring a penetration tester

DAY 20

Tuesday 12/29

This will be an all-day session where you will review inside of Jensie various penetration testing findings and work with your MIS team to plan and schedule new penetration testing campaigns.

If needed, you may onboard a customer or sit in on a sensor build and deployment as well. 

This is on the job training using the skills and concepts learned on day one. Each customer target network is different and during your day you will help to decide what campaigns should be run and discuss why.  As you proceed with your day, not only will you review results, but you will develop reports and validate findings with your team.

DAY 21

Wednesday 12/30

The CyberShip job continues. As mentioned last week, the adversary takes advantage of US Holidays.  You be using Jensie, Elastic and the penetration testing tools and results to seek out active cyber threats that could be lurking in the customer networks. You will continue to review how the gaps in cyber resilience impacts the CMMC compliance status and objectives of the customers.

We hope you are looking forward to a great New Year.

Additional Learning

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