About The
DICE Internship Program

The MISI Academy is partnering with k-12, Colleges and Universities, including HBCUs and minority academic institutions to reach a diverse group of students interested in cybersecurity or related disciplines. The DICE Mentoring and Internship Program is based on instruction in cyber policy, cyber specific job related skills training and standards.   Interns get to work on real world cyber efforts but also work alongside experienced cyber personnel. We focus on the following areas to name a few:

  • Introduction to Industrial control systems and critical infrastructure cyber concepts Including, manufacturing, facilities and other  critical infrastructure cyber topics. 
  • Security clearances and the elements of positions of trust.
  • Controlled unclassified information protection and its importance to the nation.
  • Introduction to cyber tools used to assess cyber risks, threats to commercial companies and the Defense Industrial Base companies.
  • Cyber security standards and maturity models including, CMMC, NIST, IEC, and DFARS 7012. 
  • Lunch with leaders and employers – a unique series where our interns get direct access to our nation’s top cybersecurity leaders from the DoD, Intelligence Community, Corporate America, and the Halls of Congress. 


Helping the next generation’s workforce to imagine all that is possible.

FALL 2020 Internship

DICE will be launching its Internship Program this Fall 2020 virtually featuring an introduction to cybersecurity policy and more. We are seeking juniors, seniors and/ rising seniors from community colleges, HBCUs and minority academic institutions. Here’s some information about our program:

  • We will meet on an agreed upon schedule
  • There will be part-time internship work for true resume builder experience that includes a stipend. 
  • DICE will host students from various HBCUs in an all virtual setting.  Students will have to be US citizens to participate due to access to sensitive data.   
  • There will be a schedule of guest lectures from active DoD, technology industry experts and DIB cyber professionals 
  • Students will have the opportunity to talk with recruiters who will discuss opportunities with industry companies. 
  • You will be offered options to support the defense industrial base companies with cyber compliance, risk mitigation, cyber policy development and documentation, automation of useful tools, data analysis and visualization, SIEM, penetration testing, insider threat programs and tools, artificial intelligence, cyber range configuration, test and evaluation and much more.

Apply to The
DICE Fall Internship Program

*Application Requirements: Applicant must be a Senior or Rising Senior at an HBCU or minority academic institution. Students will have to be US citizens to participate.  

To apply please upload a cover letter sharing with us why you would like to be considered for DICE’s Fall Internship Program. Students must also upload a written recommendation from a professor.