Getting Started


Your CyberShip Checklist

  1. Do you have your laptop with a functioning camera?
  2. Does your laptop have at least two web browsers such as Mozilla, Microsoft Edge or another browser?
  3. We use Zoom at the MISI Academy for our online lectures and seminars. You can use Zoom in the browser, no download required.
  4. Have you turned in your signed and fully filled out I9 form (citizenship information)? It is required for you to receive your CyberShip stipend.
  5. Did you receive your email with your slack account information? If not, let us know during our first session.
  6. Did you email us your signed non disclosure form?  It is required because you will gain access to data that must be protected and not disclosed to others.

Your CyberShip Journey

  1. Your stipends will be paid at the end of week 3 and at the end of week six.  Checks are mailed to the address on your I9 unless you provide a written request to mail your stipend to another address.  We will verify with you via phone call that you want your stipend check to be sent to an address not on your I9 form.
  2. Meetings start on time.
  3. You must always have your camera on.
  4. Be prepared to introduce yourself in a one minute or less introduction speech.  If you have never done this, do not worry, we will help you refine your introduction.
  5. Start building your network. Set up a Linkedin account.  A basic account is free and you should use it to connect with the your fellow interns and the people you will meet during your cybership.
  6. Keep your resume handy because at the end of your CyberShip you should be able to clearly articulate the skills you learned and are comfortable with.
  7. Zoom lectures will be sent via email 24-48 hours prior to lecture.

Basic Information

The MISI Academy uses Virtru for email and content security. 


Virtru for securing CUI and complying with CMMC


Virtru for data privacy and security 


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