WEEK 6 : Capstone & Career Fair

01/04/21 - 01/08/21

DAY 22

Monday 01/04

Syllabus:  The introduction of cloud computing has revolutionized the tech world. The easy accessibility of large storage options and cheap computing power has resulted in the Cloud becoming one of the most popular forms of data storage and computational infrastructure. In addition to data storing, cloud computing has also become a standard for creating manageable and scalable web application services. 

MISI leverages cloud technology to host a number of applications and solutions.The US Government utilizes a variety of cloud options to also host major applications and services.This series of lectures and short courses will introduce you to the basics of AWS.   The lectures will discuss how MISI hosts various application is the AWS cloud and what the different security reasons are for certain AWS hosting decisions made by MISI.

As part of your CyberShip, you will work with and use AWS hosted cyber applications along with your MISI team members.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the market leader in IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) and PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) for cloud ecosystems, which can be combined to create a scalable cloud application without worrying about delays related to infrastructure provisioning (compute, storage, and network) and management.

Amazon entered the cloud market in 2006 and has turned into the most popular public cloud service provider with its current AWS (Amazon Web Services).

According to Intricately, the top ten AWS users based on EC2 monthly spend are:

  • Netflix: $19 million
  • Twitch: $15 million
  • LinkedIn: $13 million
  • Facebook: $11 million
  • Turner Broadcasting: $10 million
  • BBC: $9 million
  • Baidu: $9 million
  • ESPN: $8 million

Your instructors:  Your instructors will be a combination of MISI Cloud experts and instructors from our pre-recorded lectures. 

What you will need:  You will need a laptop or tablet with a working webcam and access to the internet.

Additional learning resources:





Syllabus:  Defense Industrial Base customers who use AWS to host applications will need to understand how AWS helps them to comply with the CMMC and how it does not help them comply and they have additional work to do to meet DoD’s CMMC compliance requirements. MISI has numerous customers that use AWS and part of your CyberShip will require you to understand that when you engage with a customer that is using AWS in whole or in part, what you must do to assess compliance with the CMMC practices.

You will be able to:

  1. Understand what inheritance is and the role it plays in CMMC compliance
  2. Seek out where the AWS inheritance and other compliance documents reside on the web
  3. Explain why a company who hosts all of their IT infrastructure in AWS is still not 100% compliant with the CMMC
  4. Discuss the approach to achieving compliance when a customer who hosts their applications partially or entirely on AWS

Now let’s get some more real world experience working on cyber issues in the Defense Industrial Base. This session is part of your CyberShip work schedule. You will work on assignments as an individual and assignments with your group.  At this stage you should be getting comfortable with the various tools and even if you are not 100% comfortable you can ask questions and get the support you need to complete your assigned tasking.   Remember, that at any time you could be called to join a video call with a customer or to attend a standup.  Always be prepared and organized.

DAY 23

Tuesday 01/05


This live session will be designed to introduce you to how CMMC compliance can be achieved in part with Microsoft Azure.   This session will contrast AWS with Azure. 

You will be able to:

  1. Discuss in detail how Microsoft Azure can assist businesses with CMMC compliance
  2. Understand elements of the Microsoft CMMC Compliance Acceleration Program
  3. Discuss how CMMC compliance with Microsoft Azure cloud differs from compliance with AWS
  4. Discuss the various Microsoft applications available to businesses seeking CMMC compliance.


Your instructor:  Your instructor will be a member of the MISI Team and a member of the Microsoft Federal Team.

After your morning session, you will dive back into the real work of supporting the Defense Industrial Base with CMMC compliance and cyber threat resilience.

DAY 24

Wednesday 01/06

You will learn about Gov cloud which is a comprehensive cloud platform designed expressly for U.S. Federal, State, and Local Governments to meet the U.S. Government’s thorough security and compliance regulations.



You will be able to:

  1. Explain how the GovCloud differs from the commercial cloud
  2. Understand the polices that backup the security controls of the GovCloud
  3. Explain how the GovCloud is used to help with CMMC compliance
  4. Explain how MISI uses the GovCloud to support the DoD

This session will continue your CyberShip journey doing the work of ensuring CMMC compliance and cyber resilience of the Defense Industrial Base.  This session is designed to continue to work on your skills and to increase your hands-on cyber experience.


DAY 25

Thursday 01/07

Today will be your last full day supporting our customers and working with the various team members you have come to know.  At this time, we also expect you to have all of your certificates, complete your private sessions with the Professional Development Coach. If you have any time after your work day or in between your breaks, wrap up any of the assignments your team is depending on you to complete.

DAY 26

Friday 01/08

The career roundtable is your opportunity to meet and exchange information with industry partners that are also potential employers.

Be prepared to discuss in detail what you learned but more importantly what you can do and want to do!

Be prepared to ask questions of the attendees about their starting salaries, recruiting process and the types of career opportunities they have today and if not today in the near future.

You should be able to articulate the methods and techniques you used and what the results and accomplishments resulting from your efforts.

You should take notes on the information you get from this session and be prepared to follow up and network with the personnel you meet as part of the career roundtable.

The Career Roundtable continues, your opportunity to engage with industry and government representatives about careers and to gain the peek behind the door on how industry and government recruit qualified candidates for career opportunities.

Come prepared with good questions and to clearly communicate your experience and aspirations.

Do not be shy, ask about salaries, benefits, work hours and corporate culture. 

Ask questions that will give you insights about the day in the life of the people you are meeting with and the companies they represent. 

It’s so hard to say goodbye. Let’s get together one more time as a group and talk about your CyberShip journey.  Tell us what you liked and what your learned as well. We want to hear how this experience impacted your thinking and thoughts about career opportunities.

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