We Help The Next Generation's Workforce to Imagine all that is possible in Cybersecurity


Our nation relies on a diverse and skilled workforce to maintain its competitive and national security posture. Demographics in America are shifting towards a more diverse workforce. The GBC academy aims to reach a diverse group of students from all walks of life.  

The GBC Academy puts emphasis into the recruiting of young women and minorities that are underrepresented in the fields of STEM and cybersecurity.  We are an independent affiliate of the National Cares Mentoring Movement founded by Susan l. Taylor, Editor and Chief of Essence Magazine, emeritus. The GBC Academy is a 501(c)(3) organization.  



Financial Support

Internships include options for virtual student stipends, lodging and round trip airfare are available as funding permits to participate in the programs at our partner facilities such as DreamPort in Columbia, Maryland. 

Technical and Professional Experience

Students gain professional and technical career experience while working side-by-side with an assigned mentor who is a subject matter expert. Mentors will help students tailor their practical work experience to the larger context of their professional interests.

Varied Opportunities

The GBC Academy offers a diverse set of experiences and access to national leaders, hands on experience with a variety of cybersecurity disciplines and mentorship from experienced professionals.  Our motto is you can’t fail, you can only learn to succeed and hopefully discover what we hope is your life’s passion.

  • Work as cyber threat analyst using our cloud based security operations tools and such as a Security Information & Event Management (SIEM).
  • Work on cybersecurity policy research and compliance  strategies for the defense industrial base.
  • Coordinate cybersecurity webinars and work in our studio to produce live and recorded lectures, webinars and interviews with significant technology leaders from across the US and the world.
  • Work on critical infrastructure cyber research and find solutions to customer problems.
  • Develop prototype solutions to customer cybersecurity challenges.
  • Assist in the testing and evaluation of various technologies and develop informative reports based on the test and evaluation results.
  • Assist with offensive and defensive cyber operations tools, research, techniques and more.
  • Analyze open source sources of information to develop[ cyber trends and across various areas of interest such as disinformation, malign influence, election security, emerging threats and more.
  • Support artificial intelligence solutions testing and implementation.
  • Develop content for learning management systems that leverage various cyber ranges.
  • Conduct analysis of data from PCAP, continuous monitoring and diagnostic data collected by a variety of sensors deployed across the US in defense industrial base customers.
  • Conduct research and technology development in support of secure manufacturing.

Personal Development Workshops

Students participate in workshops that are designed to increase their marketability. Workshops may address topics such security clearances, project management, acquisition policy, hear from prominent authors and critical thinkers on technology, resume writing, and skills certification.

Networking Opportunities

Students have an opportunity to network with experts throughout the government and industry.

“I committed to Stanford University with a full ride scholarship and I plan on studying either Computer Science or Electrical Engineering this fall! Thank you so much for being a part of my journey; the 2019 summer internship has given so many helpful experiences that I will never forget!” 


The Future of cyber

  • Out of the 3.5 million open cybersecurity positions expected by 2021, Cybersecurity Ventures estimates more than 2 million openings will be in the Asia-Pac region, and nearly 400,000 will be in Europe.
  • The U.S. has a total employed cybersecurity workforce consisting of 715,000 people, and there are currently 314,000 unfilled positions, according to Cyber Seek, a project supported by the National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE), a program of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in the U.S. Department of Commerce.
  • Members of the CNBC Tech Council put the number of U.S. technology job openings at 700,000 to 1 million over the past 12 to 24 months. Based on those figures, cybersecurity positions made up 32-45 percent of all U.S. tech job openings.

Our Programs